Beating The Heat: Hot Weather Maintenance Tips

Las Vegas is an interesting and enjoyable place to live, isn't it? But one challenge we all live with is the sky-high temperature range in the summer. In fact, the average daily high for June, July and August in our fair city is above 100 degrees. We want to help your Ford keep its cool, run reliably and take good care of you, even in the extremes of the summer. Here are some maintenance suggestions we hope will help.

1. Let us keep an eye on your battery

Hot weather can be about as hard on your battery as very cold weather. We suggest you allow us to do a free battery check with every oil change - or just stop by during the summer before you go on a road trip in the heat. We can make sure your battery has enough power and help keep it from conking out and leaving you stranded on a hot day. We can clean off corrosion and let you know if you need a new battery. We have plenty in stock.

2. Ask us to check your coolant level

As you can imagine, the coolant in your car, truck or SUV is very important in terms of keeping your engine from over-heating when the heat is at its worst. Before you venture out with your family on the road, we'll be glad to check on your coolant fluid, make sure there's enough and that it's clean enough. If not, we can do a coolant flush and refill with fresh new fluid. That can give you a reassuring level of comfort when you're on a road trip. 

3. Give your air conditioning a summer checkup

The earlier you can have us check your AC, the more likely it is that you can have a nice, cool summer wherever you drive. We can make sure your air conditioning is blowing cold enough. If it needs a re-charge, we can take care of that for you and hopefully, that will bring your AC back into everyone's comfort zone. An air conditioning recharge should be done every two years and for safety's sake, it's something you should have us do.

4. Let our experts take care of your tires

Your tires are the point of contact between your family and the road. That's why it's so vital that you keep your tires in first-class condition, especially when you're driving on the highway in a Nevada summer. Our factory-trained technicians at Friendly Ford know how to examine your tires with an expert eye. They can tell you if your tires have uneven wear and whether the tread depth is enough to keep you and your family safe. 

5. Tire maintenance tips that pay off in hot weather

To help your tires wear as evenly as possible, ask us to rotate your tires with every oil change. At the same time, it's also a great idea to have us check your alignment. If your car, truck or SUV gets out of alignment, it can not only cause uneven tire wear but it can even cause your steering to be less precise and accurate. That, of course can be a dangerous situation, especially on the highway. We can do an alignment to help keep you safer. 

Schedule Your Summer Maintenance at Friendly Ford in Las Vegas, NV

To help keep your Ford or other quality vehicle performing the way it should, we encourage you to book time in our service center soon. With maintenance tips like the ones mentioned, we can help take the heat off you, your family and your vehicle at Friendly Ford's Service Center

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