We Buy Cars Even When Sellers Don't Want to Buy from Us

Many Las Vegas locals have cars they no longer use, they can no longer afford to maintain or are taking up valuable space on their driveway. Whether you've decided that gas prices are too high, or you've purchased a new car and don't want to register and insure two vehicles, finding a quick way to offload your car is as easy as working with Friendly Ford. We buy used cars, SUVs, and trucks all of the time, even when people don't want to buy vehicles from us.

Why We're Always in the Market for Used…

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Vehicle Tips for Times of Extreme Heat From Friendly Ford

Some summer days in Las Vegas, and around Nevada, are so hot that people are advised against leaving the home unless absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, most vehicles will have to face the heat no matter what the weather advisory is. At Friendly Ford, we want to share five strategies for keeping your auto safe and in good working order. With these tips, Las Vegas drivers can avoid automotive problems and keep themselves and their passengers safe.

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A New Year Calls For New Ford Models

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Every year, Ford selects certain models to roll out as part of a model year lineup. These vehicles may be brand new and never seen by consumers, could be redesigned from current models, or could be new model year vehicles that have once been retired but have since been brought back for the upcoming model year. 2021 is in place to see a lineup that is rich in crossovers and SUVs with a truck or two mixed in. While there were no new Ford car models in the 2021 lineup, many were offered in the previous year.

Ford Crossovers and…

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We Buy Cars at Friendly Ford in Las Vegas, Nevada

What could you do with your old car? Friendly Ford in Las Vegas, Nevada has an answer: bring the vehicle to us because we buy used cars. We are a Ford dealership, and we'd appreciate an opportunity to buy your older Ford. We'd be interested in checking out models made by other manufacturers. Why go through any hassles when hoping to sell your car? Our dealership could make a highly competitive offer.

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